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Solid Bar Material

All weights on this page are theoretical; that is, they are computed on the basis of the specific gravities of the metals involved. The weights shown would be accurate if steel and aluminum could always be produced to exact size, but this is seldom possible in commercial practice. Accuracy of dimensions, particularly of hot rolled steel products, is influenced by many factors, such as mill design, heating practice, reduction between passes, roll wear, roll pressure, composition of steel, and standard tolerances. Therefore, all weight tables should be used for estimating purposes only.

Solid Bar Weights Per foot

Round Bar - Squares Bar - Hexagon Bar - Octagon Bar - Flat Bar

Our Solid Bars are perfect for welding and fabrication projects. Our round bar, square bar, hexagon bar, octagon bar and flat bar are all available in a variety of thicknesses. These bars are precision machined for reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Our Solid Bars are made from premium quality materials and are designed for a variety of welding and fabrication applications. With our wide selection of sizes and weights, you're sure to find the perfect bar for your needs.

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