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Hashtag Welding LLC


At Hashtag Welding LLC, we have extensive experience in, welding and fabricating aluminum, steel, stainless, and high hard steels. 

Hashtag Welding LLC was established in 2021 and began by building steel Barbecue Pits and Fire Pits for the general public. Over the years, the company expects to expand its offerings to include a variety of transportation equipment, certified welding and fabrication services to industries such as trash companies, power plants, oil and gas drilling, and general construction. 

Hashtag Welding LLC has 1 facility in Huntsville, Texas totaling 1,500 square feet of space and employing over 30 years talented and highly experienced people. We are a family-owned business that is committed to satisfying customer needs, producing a high quality product, delivering on time, and continuously improving .

Huntsville, Texas is located approximately 70 miles North of Houston, Texas.

Call us today! 936-867-5309

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The vision of Hashtag Welding LLC is to be recognized as a world-class solutions provider specializing in certified welding and fabrication, outfitting Barbeque pits, Fire pits and partnering with other world-class manufacturers.


To our customers:

Hashtag Welding LLC is committed to achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to continuously improve.


Meet The Team


Robert Bartosh



Aaron Miller

Shop Foreman

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