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Angle Iron Info

This Pounds Per Foot listing of Angle Iron is a great resource for welders and fabricators alike. This PDF contains the weight of various sizes of Angle Iron along with the corresponding dimensions for each size. The listing is easy to use and provides a convenient way to quickly determine the weight of your project. It also enables you to easily calculate the overall cost of your project. With this listing, you can be sure to get the most accurate measurements for your welding and fabrication needs.

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Pounds per Foot: Accurately Measure Your Loads in Pounds

The Pounds per foot list from our Welding and Fabrication website is the perfect tool for getting accurate measurements for your materials. It allows you to accurately measure the weight of the material in pounds per foot, so you know exactly how much material you need for your project. This list is perfect for getting precise measurements for all your welding and fabrication projects. With it, you'll get the perfect amount of material with no guesswork. Check out the Pounds per foot list for Angle Iron shown above and get accurate measurements for all your welding and fabrication projects.

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